Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ashoka - The Warrior Becomes Meek . . .

Emperor Ashoka

"Oh! king of the kings, my emperor"
said the minister witha sign of terror,
"Kalinga still remains uncaptured,
Its still a free perching bird."
"What's the problem, let it be free,
it's a tiny nation why don't you see?"
said the emperor with great wisdom.
then the minister spoke with respect some,
"Your father led a quest,
and tried out his best,
to capture that nation,
and bring it in relation,
but he got badly defeated."
hearing this ashoka's mind beated,
He pulled out his sword,
"I swear in name of good lord,
that filthy nation I wil crush,
pull you weapons, we have to rush.
Wake your army, the elephants, the horses,
and lead a quest, with huge forces,
against that evil dictator,
swear on the name of the creator,
that either we win or else die,
shout this loud, give a cry.
let those enemies know,
and bow their heads low.
Let them shiver with terror,
and se the rise of a warrior,
just put your heart and soul,
to bring that state in our control.
Let's step on those filty insects,
and crush the nation which infects,
our self respect, our prosperity,
just shoe them our cruel hospitality."
Thus spoke the enraged king,
whose rhymes we noe sing.
The great emperor, noble Ashoka,
whose name is capable to invoke,
courage and power to fight,
who had enormously large insight.
His army took up arrows and bows,
and settle themselves in proper rows,
with aroar they set on a war,
with Kalinga, a state to far.
Two powers met over at fields,
and swords tore enemies shieds.
Thousands of soldiers fell down dead,
many laid down without a head.
The city drowned in a flood,
flowed down in river of blood.
many mothers lost their son,
many saw their last sun,
hundreds of soldiers lost their lives,
city saw many mourning wifes.
A decision due to Ashoka's rage,
led a great war to engage,
which resulted in a great destruction,
and thousands of mind sdrowned in frustration.
even after these great massacres,
kalinga didn't call back the attackers,
so the war still didn't end,
more soldiers Ashoka did send.
more blood dropped on the fields,
city saw more broken shields.
At last a head fell down,
and Ashoka picked up the crown,
king of kalinga had fell down dead,
and slept forever on his death bed.
Then the emperor gave a sigh of relief,
after dropping a montain of grief,
on the native, the citizens of kalinga,
who once merrily used to sing,
the energetic songs of life,
and were never afraid of knife,
now shivered at name of war.
And were afraid of going to far,
away from their house their home,
coz the armoured soldiers roam.
They were afraid of getting killed,
this fear in mind Ashoka had build.
Then Ashoke came to examine the city,
seeing its condition he felt pity,
drops of tear fell from his eyes,
everyone saw that a emperor too cries.
mercy now dwelled on his merciless face,
dissatisfied and disillutioned by his kingdom chase,
he knelt down and picked some mud,
his hands stained red, full of blood.
He ordered his men to retreat,
and he fell down on queens feet.
"Oh good lady! I am the one,
who killed your husband, and your son,
I know I can't be forgived for the crime,
the deed I have done, but with passing time,
I will try to make up for what I have done,
this is my promise, I swear of the sun,
If you want to punish me, take this sword,
chop my head, and give it to lord.
I was out of my mind to do such a thing,
but I swear, soon prosperity I will bring,
The great lord Buddha I will preach,
peace, prosperity and serenity I will teach."
hearing this spoke the queen,
"A warrior like you, I have never seen,
an hour ago you had thirst for kingdom,
and now you talk of great wisdom.
I never saw a heart so pure,
no other king ever tries to cure,
the pain and misery they use to bring,
rather they force their peaple to sing,
songs of their greatness and thier name,
which brings them a lot of fake fame.
Ashoka, your name will also rise,
above the clouds, above the skies.
coz kings like you are born very few.
that is why today I forgive you . . ."
After that the warrior became meek,
King Ashoka went away to seek,
teachings from the buddhist sages,
who had been in peace for ages.
Later he returned a just and wise king,
whose name till now we use to sing,
A emperor who preached non-violence,
who in him had a great balance,
of power and wisdom, Ashoka was the king,
for whom today, this rhyme I sing . . .


Saru Singhal said...

What a powerful poem! I salute you for writing such a beautiful piece...

Ashwini Dey said...

Thanks @Saru, for your encouraging comments . . .
Keep visiting . . .

Archetypes India said...

Most deserving tribute to Ashoka! He is perhaps only example, as far as I know, who was converted to NON-VIOLENCE by seeing devastation by war, among civilized societies, not even the so-called advanced societies of today.

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