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Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Place We Can Go . . . .

The deeper part of the dark, 
Is when you cannot hear your heart.
Step by step you make amends, 
choosing wisely and picking friends.
Store bought tokens take you plans, 
putting them in machines that make you dance.
What a country town that drags you down,
surrounded by people that makes you frown.
Speaking words that seem profound, 
digging up dirt that should remain underground.
I am just a simple person that loves to lounge, 
play the guitar and sing out loud.
But men try to crush me, tear me apart, 
By snatching my tools and thrashing my heart, 
Ditching my ways and putting up thorns.
Stepping on me they go ahead asif I were dirt or stone.
I want to roam, I want to sing, 
I want to fly spreading my wings.
Somewhere beyond life I want to reach, 
A place where all rules I can breach.
Where I can be me and noone else, 
can dance and sing as my heart tells.
A place where there is only light and no dark, 
somewhere in this world you canhear your heart.

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